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Pizza Bases and Much More!

For Food Service & Retail

Bread, Buns, Waffles, Crepes, Pastries, Pizza Dough Dubai

Value Adding Features

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Pizza without Pizzaiolo!

Our passion for quality and the search for ever efficient solutions have enabled us to offer our customers a variety of high yield pizza bases: the perfect answer to any F&B operators needs for quality, taste, speed of service and operational costs control.

Our Frozen Pizza Bases concept allows you offer your customers true pizzas like the ones from an Italian pizzeria and without a “pizzaiolo” ! 

Trouble free & Convenient!

We've eliminated all the obstacles, implications and costs associated with the making of a good pizza. Our products combine quality, ease of use, speed of preparation, wide range of flavours and sizes allowing you to offer an excellent pizza, streamline your operations and reduce your procurement challenges.

As good as at a pizzeria, and ready in 2 minutes. Simply bake straight from the freezer at 360° for 2 minutes and serve to enjoy the flavors of a true Italian pizzeria.

Details make the difference!

For us at Italian Food Masters, every single detail counts and can make the difference especially in highly competitive environment like the one of Dubai and the UAE in general.

We strive for product and service development and improvement, because only by always keeping up with the times we can make a difference in an ever increasing demanding market like the one of Dubai and UAE in general.


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Only the best ingredients!

We always pay the utmost attention to quality, because the quality of raw materials and the careful workmanship leave their mark, both in the short and in the long term. We have rigorously selected the ingredients for our own recipe:


Each pizza starts with a low-yeast dough that has rested for at least twelve hours before it is hand pressed and stretched. After adding the right amount of tomato sauce the pizza is then parbaked. The final touch is the topping with Italian mozzarella: the result is a soft and crispy dough with an unmistakable taste.

Your trusted partner!

We have years of experience in producing and delivering high quality pizza bases and dough balls in every imaginable amount. To meet your wishes, we even go beyond the manufacturing process. Our motivated and experienced personnel can support you in developing concepts, products and ideas as well.

We’re ready to be your trusted pizza bases supplier. More importantly, we’re determined to be your partner, meeting all your category needs with an assured supply chain, a broad selection, and the know-how to create products to your exact specifications.

One stop shop!

We’re well known in the market for our wide range of Smart Food Solutions. Our product range provides a choice of over 1,500 products across six multi-temperature categories and we have the capability to deliver these products all on one invoice.

We are now also your one-stop shop solution for the best pre-baked pizza crusts and dough balls.

With our pizza bases, without any major investment on equipment and without the need of large costly areas you can delight your customers with a true Italian style pizza.

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