Our Company

Finally, we managed to produce our own pizza bases… Well, it all began a few years ago when Italian Food Masters started importing key food products to the UAE for its vibrant Food Service sector.


One of these key products was the frozen pizza bases and we always wanted to add value to our Customers needs by enhancing our quality, range, variety and stock availability. A very challenging task when importing from more than 5 thousand kilometers away!

That’s why we decided to start our own pizza production here in the UAE within a purpose built factory fitted out with all necessary pizza manufacturing equipment and of course with all the pizza making skills.


We now mass produce consistent, high-quality pizzas based on authentic Italian recipes all hand-stretched sold and distributed to the UAE best restaurants, cafés, hotels and leisure venues where the quality of the product is a priority.


Our strength is also in bespoke bakery services and by working closely with our customers, we share our knowledge and expertise to develop bespoke menu solutions, specific to their business and customers.​

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